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MEGDAL FOR GM: Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Or you could go ahead and pre-order Taking The Field right now!

MEGDAL FOR GM: Happy Days Are Here Again

With the announcement by the Mets that Sandy Alderson has been named the new General Manager, we now know for certain that the Wilpons have heeded our call for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION. As someone who writes about the Mets for a living, this development is encouraging for one who wishes to cover many postseason games. As someone who has loved the New York Mets since age six, the idea that I’ll share those postseason memories with my baby daughter, wife, parents and friends excites me beyond description.

Therefore, I am ending my campaign for General Manager of the New York Mets, and enthusiastically endorsing Sandy Alderson. It is a choice that should thrill everyone who bleeds orange and blue, regardless of race, creed, or position on bunting. The sabermetrically-inclined Mets fan and the student of baseball history will love this pick today. The fan who hungers for greater interaction and accountability from the front office will love this pick tomorrow. And it is easy to imagine a day, someday soon, when the results-only fan will celebrate with the rest of us on an October night at Citi Field. It has been Jon Niese since the Mets won a world championship, but tonight, it is easy to imagine a winner before Niese is even arbitration-eligible.

I must thank the thousands of you who voted for me at 18 Mets blogs throughout the blogosphere. It has been more rewarding than you can possibly know that so many of you expressed faith in my vision. Receiving 65 percent of the vote at Amazin’ Avenue, where I have spent years as Poet Laureate, was gratifying, to be sure. To see those vote totals steadily increase as my campaign gained traction was humbling, culminating with 88 percent support at The Happy Recap. I want to thank all of my pledged delegates from those 18 Mets blogs, from Mike Silva to Dana Brand, Toby Hyde to Zoë Rice, Greg Prince to Steve Keane, Dan Szymborski to Anthony DeRosa, Caryn Rose to Kerel Cooper, Adam Salazar to Matthew Artus, Eric Simon to Shannon Shark, Taryn Cooper to JD. And to those who reached out to me personally to support the campaign, to the woman in North Carolina who bought a Megdal for GM bumper sticker, to the man who began a Megdal for GM Facebook group, and so many others, I am honored to have been your vehicle to demand better of the baseball team that binds us.

Together, when we began this campaign back in June, there were those who believed the status quo was sufficient, or that change of the magnitude we envisioned simply wasn’t possible. Tonight, those cynics have been proven wrong. We now know that the arc of Mets history may be long, but it bends towards Alderson. Consider that the Mets have hired a Gemeral Manger who embraced the work of Bill James and mentored Billy Beane. The Mets have hired a man who values process, rejects small sample sizes, and evaluates baseball players and transactions through the long-term goals of the franchises he runs.

The new General Manager has been quoted as saying “I really believe in as much interface with the public as possible.” And oh, by the way? He said it to a blogger, during a comprehensive three-part interview.

And Sandy Alderson, at age 62, has accomplished everything an executive can in Major League Baseball, yet has chosen to accept a position that will require massive amounts of his energy and time.


As a professional observer, I am impressed. As a fan, I am overjoyed. As a man moved to run for the position of General Manager, despite it not being an elected position, the ascension of Sandy Alderson offers all the possibilities our campaign believed in without forcing me to spend long hours with Dayton Moore convincing him to sell low on Alex Gordon.

Most importantly, I want to thank my wife. When this campaign began at the Marriott Marquis on a rainy summer morning, she made certain my Mets lapel pin stayed on straight. When I told her of my plan to give a nomination acceptance speech at Citi Field, her response was to write it on the calendar. Only later did she request that I not get us thrown in jail. She has been a constant support, a sounding board for so many ideas, and the person I sit with at Mets games I cover once the pregame work is finished, and the person I drive home with once the postgame interviews are complete.

I want to thank my father, who gave me the gift of baseball, and my mother, who let me stay up with my father to watch Game 7 of the 1986 World Series. And I want to thank my baby daughter, who turns a lucky seven-months-old tomorrow, the day the Mets introduce Sandy Alderson. Like Alderson, she has a winning track record- the Mets are 2-1 in games she’s attended. I wish nothing but success for them both. Thank you, and may God bless the New York Mets. He’s blessed the Yankees long enough.

MEGDAL FOR GM: Mets Granted Permission to Speak with Me

Following an intense two-hour negotiating session, the New York Mets were granted permission to speak to me about their now vacant General Manager position by my wife.

In exchange for receiving permission to seek the grueling job directing baseball operations, I have agreed to go apple picking on Sunday.

The choice was not an easy one. Despite repeated opportunities, my wife could not explain to me why we should pick enough apples to fit in a huge bucket, since she eats about three apples a week, I don’t eat any, and our daughter is only just starting on solid foods.

Vague promises of pies to be made later were also discussed, but never finalized.

That an agreement was reached at all speaks to the desire to find common ground on both sides. My original position was that even if I am paid half of Omar Minaya’s 2010 salary of about $1 million, I’d be able to purchase however many apples my wife desired.

This was unacceptable to her, with things like “quality time” and “photo opportunities” cited. Never mind that for a six-month-old, the only thing she is developmentally able to do to an apple tree is smile at it.

Meanwhile, my wife graciously moved from her original asking price in exchange for granting the Mets permission to talk with me: Jose Reyes. Her position stands in stark contrast to that of the Florida Marlins.

Megdal For GM: Letter to Jeff Wilpon

With the news now widely reported that the Mets will be seeking a new General Manager, I am gratified to know that Jeff Wilpon has received my letter requesting an interview for the position. A high-level member of the Mets organization, who I will only identify as Deep Swoboda, has told me to “consider it received”.

The text of the letter follows. I invite everyone to circulate this letter, and if it is the path you want the Mets to follow, to contact them. We have the power to create change in this organization if we work together for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION.

Howard Megdal

Jeff Wilpon

New York Mets

Citi Field

Flushing, NY 11368

Dear Mr. Wilpon,

As you may know, I have been running to become the next General Manager of the New York Mets since the spring. I have covered the Mets for most of my adult life, having written on baseball for The New York Times, ESPN, SNY, and many other publications.

However, my qualifications for this position, knowledge and energy I would bring to the task, and comprehensive plan for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION date back to my early childhood.

So while many people are calling for drastic and short-sighted changes to your baseball team, or ludicrously blaming you for, let’s face it, spending tons of money and building an incomparable baseball stadium, I have studied the issues at hand for decades, and believe you will embrace my comprehensive solutions. Your fan base already has: in eighteen separate primaries at Mets Web sites around the Internet, I averaged 74 percent in support of my campaign.

In other words, hire me, and it will not only profit the franchise for years to come, it will make you both heroes in the eyes of the fans and my colleagues in the press.

With the opportunity to serve as your General Manager, I will bring about long-term prosperity in your team’s on-field major league success, make the farm system into a breeding ground for both talent and low-cost major league solutions, and most importantly, make Citi Field a place that regularly sells out while turning your casual fans into regular customers.

I have been a fan since the age of six, a season ticket holder since moving to the area in 2006, and will root for the New York Mets long after my tenure as General Manager ends. I am actively raising my five-month-old daughter as a Mets fan of similar intensity—so rest assured, the plan I wish to put into place has nothing to do with my short-term job security as GM, and everything to do with making your primary investment the success you both deserve.

Moreover, I want to watch October baseball with my father, who raised me on Brooklyn Dodgers stories, my wife, who is as dedicated to your franchise as I am by virtue of having to live with me, and my daughter, who should get the chance to regularly experience the joy I felt in 1986, and that my father felt in 1969, and 1955.

I ask that, before you make any decisions about who your next General Manager will be, that you take some time and meet with me. I will happily come to the place of your choosing at your convenience. I am certain that, once I detail for you exactly how to turn the New York Mets into the consistent winner you both deserve and have sought during your tenure in ownership, we will find it mutually beneficial to work together.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. I look forward to hearing from you.


Howard Megdal

UPDATED Megdal For GM: Acceptance Speech Sunday Afternoon!



After receiving thousands of votes over the course of 18 grueling primaries at blogs dedicated to the Mets around the Internet, Howard Megdal will graciously accept the nomination of New York Mets fans to be the next General Manager at 12:15 Sunday afternoon, September 19 in Parking Lot E at Citi Field.

Megdal won every primary he entered, with a vote share of 65 percent or greater in 17 of the 18 contests, and averaged a vote share of greater than 74 percent. Considering that Metsblog currently rates the fan confidence rating in the team at 9 percent, there can be no greater sign that Fred and Jeff Wilpon are listening to the wishes of the fans than by making Howard Megdal the next General Manager of the New York Mets.

“I have been honored and humbled to be chosen by so many fans, motivated by my pillars of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION as guideposts for this baseball team’s future in 2011 and beyond,” Megdal said. “I look forward to speaking with the Wilpons, earning the job that so many fans want me to have, and drying forever my daughter’s baseball-related tears.”

After Megdal concludes his speech detailing his vision for the future of the New York Mets, he will submit his resume to Fred and Jeff Wilpon. T-shirts will be available, and Megdal will answer questions from the press or fans before doing what he loves most—going to watch a Mets game with his wife and daughter.

A list of participating Web sites, and Megdal’s vote share at each, is listed below.

Mets Minor League Blog 53%

Amazin’ Avenue 65%

Hotfootblog 67%

New York Baseball Digest 68%

Baseball Think Factory 68%

Faith and Fear in Flushing 71% Always Amazin’ 72%

Brooklyn Mets Fan 72%

MetsGrrl 73%

Mets Police 73%

The ‘Ropolitans 76%

My Summer Family 78%

On The Black 80%

Section 518 81%

Dana Brand’s Blog 82%

Eddie Kranepool Society 82%

Pick Me Up Some Mets 85%

The Happy Recap 88%

18 Primaries, 18 Constituencies, One Voice

Mo Vaughn Monday was unanimous. Six primaries, six victories, all with at least 71 percent of the vote. Yesterday, Baseball Think Factory, a national primary, voted overwhelmingly for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION as well.

Mets fans the nation over want Howard Megdal to be the next General Manager of the New York Mets.

I am so grateful for your mandate. And rest assured, the New York Mets hear you, too. I’ll make certain of it. We’ll ALL make certain of it.

I’ll provide next steps in the coming days. In the meantime, take a look at my anger (which you should share) over the handling of Jon Niese, and how I’d be treating the final quarter of the baseball season.

Megdal For GM: Mo Vaughn Monday

With another week gone by, I am humbled to have received an overwhelming mandate from the readers at Andrew Vazzano’s The ‘Ropolitans- nearly 76 percent of you believe I should be the next General Manager of the New York Mets.

If the Wilpons care about making the fans of the New York Mets happy- and I believe, despite all the recent missteps by the team, that they absolutely do- the results of the fan balloting has been unmistakable so far.

Eleven primaries. Eleven victories by Megdal for GM. Nearly all of them by a mandate greater than the one enjoyed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932.

But like any candidate, I need to show the ability to inspire strength and confidence over a wide area in a single primary week. Therefore, this week is called:


Primaries are going on NOW at a wide range of venues.VOTE BY CLICKING ON THESE LINKS!

On The Black

Dana Brand’s blog

My Summer Family

Section 518

Eddie Kranepool Society

Brooklyn Mets Fan

Also, I urge you to check out the video interview I did with On The Black last night, for further details of how I will take the Mets to the glorious heights we all desperately want for the orange and blue.

Our time draws closer with each new victory, each new voice calling for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION.

And I would urge all of you to make your voices heard: visit the Megdal for GM shop, and wear your feelings about who should be the next General Manager of the New York Mets to Citi Field.

Megdal For GM: Our Time Draws Closer

The Mets can’t possibly ignore us now. The time for change in Flushing has come. With attendance down more than 6,000 per game, and huge majorities in both of my primaries last week calling for a Megdal Administration (more than 73 percent at Mets Police, nearly 88 percent at The Happy Recap), convincing the Wilpons to allow for a team run under the auspices of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION has never been closer to becoming reality.

While my opponents do things like run negative ads, I will continue to put forward what I believe can be the future of the New York Mets. The Mets don’t need to live in a world where future spending is difficult due to unwise long-term contracts. Under my watch, the Mets will not simply solve the very same problems they create. When I take the reigns as General Manager, I will, like Frank Cashen, make certain that both the team and the fan experience is all that we can ask for as Mets fans.

With each primary victory, the Wilpons are closer than ever to making the New York Mets a uniquely-positioned organization: one that is accountable to, and run by, the fans.


Megdal For GM: The Next Chapter

Well, it is clearer than ever that Mets fans are speaking with one voice: it is time to elect me the next General Manager of the New York Mets. Over at Pick Me Up Some Mets, I received 86 percent of the vote. That is at the level of a Democrat in Washington D.C., though I can promise you that no Marion Barry-style video will ever surface of me.

With the trade deadline behind us, I have written, in broad strokes, an op-ed response over at about what the Mets need to do next. Anyone following my campaign for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION knows these are simply part of a culture change in how the team is operated; nevertheless, they are the players and problems I’d be focused on should I get the chance to be the next General Manager this fall.

The primary campaign continues, with votes happening NOW at The Happy Recap and Mets Police:



Don’t think for a second that your participation in this vital campaign for change is going unnoticed by the Mets. They are aware of both our demands and the book I am writing, set for release next spring by Bloomsbury, that will either detail their ability to improve the ballclub by incorporating our ideas, or failing to do so.

We are closer than ever to making certain that the next generation of Mets fans will have more happy recaps than any in history. And I am honored to lead such a crusade on behalf of everyone who bleeds orange and blue.

Megdal For GM: The Groundswell Grows, The Need Intensifies, Vote Now!

I am gratified to have received an astounding 67 percent of the vote from the good readers at Hotfoot Blog. With seven victories in seven primaries, I believe my message of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION is resonating like never before.

I urge all of you to continue our momentum as the Wilpons are clearly weighing the future direction of this franchise. I detail here, in my SNY column, why I wouldn’t have let Dan Haren get away. And the most detailed Q and A session I’ve done to date is over at Matthew Artus’ Always Amazin’ blog at a primary I won with 70 percent of the vote!

As for this week, I am running in the Pick Me Up Some Mets primary, at the blog written by the lovely and talented Zoë Rice! Please don’t give up now. The 2010 season may be disappearing entirely too fast, but our campaign to change the team we all love is just beginning!


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