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MEGDAL FOR GM: Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Or you could go ahead and pre-order Taking The Field right now!

MEGDAL FOR GM: Mets Granted Permission to Speak with Me

Following an intense two-hour negotiating session, the New York Mets were granted permission to speak to me about their now vacant General Manager position by my wife.
In exchange for receiving permission to seek the grueling job directing baseball operations, I have agreed to go apple picking on Sunday.
The choice was not an easy one. Despite [...]

Megdal For GM: 6 For 6, Just Like Edgardo Alfonzo

Friday was a humbling day for me. Not only did two more vital parts of the Mets blogosphere provide me with mandates- in the case of Greg Prince’s Faith and Fear in Flushing, 71 percent of the vote, over at Matthew Artus’ Always Amazin’, 70 percent of the vote- but I received the strongest possible [...]

The People Have Begun To Speak: Megdal For GM

The first two primary votes are now complete. And despite competing simultaneously at both New York Baseball Digest and Amazin’ Avenue, a pair of sites often diametrically opposed in viewpoints, I am humbled to have received a strong mandate from both sets of readers.
Over at Amazin’ Avenue, with immense interest and participation, I have captured [...]

Megdal For GM: Better Seats? Lower Prices?

If you’ve been watching Mets games regularly lately, you’ve been bombarded by a commercial that urges you to buy Mets tickets “directly from the source”, touting “better seats” and “lower prices”. It certainly seems fair to infer from this new campaign that many fans are skipping the Mets entirely and simply buying tickets from the [...]

Megdal For GM: Takin’ It To The Streets

And by takin’ it to the streets, I mean, naturally, to the airwaves. Here’s where you can hear more about our democratic takeover of the Orange and Blue:
On Sunday night at 6 PM EST, I’ll be on The Happy Recap, discussing Mets baseball with three of the finest Mets fans about what the best path [...]

Steve Phillips Update: Let Him Hear Your Voices

Shortly after I reached out to Steve Phillips with an offer to debate the past, present and future of the New York Mets, I received a terse rejection from Phillips.
You have all banded together, however, to let your voices be heard. (You can do so by writing to Steve at AOL Fanhouse here.) Just hours [...]

An Open Invitation to Debate: Steve Phillips

(My friends, I just sent this letter to Steve Phillips. If you’d like to see me debate Steve Phillips, you can urge him to accept my offer here.)

Dear Steve,
My name is Howard Megdal. As you have probably heard, I am running for General Manager of the New York Mets. (For more details, visit As [...]

Megdal For GM Thursday Roundup: Kevin Burkhardt, Zoë Rice, Pedro

An interesting day in Metsland, with the tremendous Kevin Burkhardt drawing a line in the sand on Carlos Beltran updates. He could neither confirm nor deny that Beltran was eating Tacos in a Helmet at full speed, and if Kevin doesn’t know, nobody knows.
I picked up the support of the blog Lost in St. Louis. [...]

Not the Right Time to Extend Barajas

Why I would wait and see on a contract extension for Rod Barajas, even though Rod is one of my favorites (both on the field and with a quote).