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Megdal For GM: The Groundswell Grows, The Need Intensifies, Vote Now!

I am gratified to have received an astounding 67 percent of the vote from the good readers at Hotfoot Blog. With seven victories in seven primaries, I believe my message of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION is resonating like never before.
I urge all of you to continue our momentum as the Wilpons are clearly weighing the [...]

Megdal For GM: Thursday Roundup

With primaries set to begin next week at Amazin’ Avenue and New York Baseball Digest, let’s take a look at where things stand in the people’s campaign to take back the Mets.
Among the prospective delegates, I have earned the support of Metsgrrl, though we disagree about the possibility of signing Pedro Martinez.
Shannon Shark of Mets [...]

Megdal for GM: Tuesday Roundup

Lots to talk about, with the Mets set to take on the Tigers this evening.
Response has been strong to the first Megdal for GM ad. David Pinto wants me to run for GM of the Orioles. Steve Keane at The Eddie Kranepool Society approves of this message. Lost in St. Louis credits me with gumption. [...]