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The People Have Begun To Speak: Megdal For GM

The first two primary votes are now complete. And despite competing simultaneously at both New York Baseball Digest and Amazin’ Avenue, a pair of sites often diametrically opposed in viewpoints, I am humbled to have received a strong mandate from both sets of readers.

Over at Amazin’ Avenue, with immense interest and participation, I have captured 65 percent of the vote. At New York Baseball Digest, the mandate is even more overwhelming: a whopping 68 percent of the vote.

To put this in perspective, let’s look at some of the biggest landslides in political history:

Candidate Vote %
Ronald Reagan, 1984 58.8
Richard Nixon, 1972 60.7
Franklin Roosevelt, 1936 60.8
Lyndon Johnson, 1964 61.1
Howard Megdal, AA 65
Howard Megdal, NYBD 68

You have voted for me because you want LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION on behalf of the New York Mets every single day. Facing opposition to my candidacy by those who would promote the status quo, or people who just seem to like opposing things, we have banded together to win the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary of my run for General Manager.

As we prepare to celebrate July 4, I welcome all of you, whether you have supported my candidacy or not. I intend to be the General Manager for all Mets fans, to be certain that everyone who lives and dies with the Orange and Blue has reason to celebrate, and not just on holidays or during particularly cool giveaway days.

But my work to earn the mandate of Mets fans across the world has just begun. On Monday, my next set of primaries begin, at and I welcome the input of the literary fan one finds at Metsgrrl, thanks to the writing talent of Caryn Rose, and the system-intensive observer who reads Toby Hyde’s remarkable work.

Until then, I intend to savor my victories with my wife, my daughter, and some delivery Chinese food that just arrived. Thank you for your support, and may your holiday weekend include witnessing a severe offensive beatdown of Stephen Strasburg.