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Democracy In Action: Vote Megdal For GM At,!

Fresh off of a pair of landslide victories at Amazin’ Avenue (65 percent of the vote!) and New York Baseball Digest (68 percent of the vote!), voting has now begun at the thoughtful fan site and the system-intensive

In addition, I am happy to announce that Toby Hyde of has accepted my offer to become Director of Minor League Operations when I am elected next General Manager of the Mets. Hyde, who has tons of experience working on both the administrative and communications side of minor league baseball, has been an outstanding voice of reason concerning the New York Mets system for many years. He is currently the editor of, and the voice of the Savannah Sand Gnats.

I urge you to take a moment to make your voice heard in each of these primaries. As usual, the forces of the status quo want to keep us from voicing our belief that there is a better way forward for the New York Mets, one based on LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION.

Don’t let them stop us. We’ve come too far to let pessimism rule the day. Let’s take back the New York Mets. When my daughter cries, it shouldn’t be over baseball. Let her crying be over bedtime, or not being allowed to ride a motorcycle.



Here are a few initial questions from a Q and A I’ll be doing with Toby at his site all week.

TOBY HYDE: Howard, why are you running to be the Mets’ next General Manager?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I am running to be the next General Manager because I believe the Mets can be run using the three pillars of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION. Logic will mean making plans that makes sense at Points C, D and E, not simply at Point A (see Mejia, Jenrry). Transparency means that you’ll know why I made these moves every step of the way- I will be consistently available to both the media, and more importantly, to the fans. And Passion comes from my having lived and died with this team since age six, obsessing over moves both large and small, major and minor, baseball-related and those affecting the fans. None of them will be overlooked on my watch.

TH: Do you realize that the Mets aren’t hiring a GM right now? In fact, if the playoffs started today, the Mets would be the wild card?

HM: Ultimately, it will be up to the Mets, and the fans, to determine if they want to change course, now or ever. In my time covering the Mets, and in my time loving the team, there have been so many ups and downs, easily-preventable baseball travesties and unexpected joys. In other words, luck has played almost the entirety of the role in success and failure. And since, as Branch Rickey put it, “Luck is the residue of design”, that’s meant two world championships since 1962, despite all the advantages cited above. We can do better.

TH: If you were the GM of the Mets, what would change in the farm system?

HM: Well, as you know, Toby Hyde has accepted a position as my Director of Minor League Operations. So I’d obviously consult with you on a range of matters. But I can start with one I know we already agree on. IT IS TIME FOR THE METS TO CONSISTENTLY DRAFT ABOVE SLOT. There is no greater way for the New York Mets to leverage their market advantage than by adding high-upside players to the farm system by drafting them in later rounds and convincing them to sign. I’d do my best to get the Wilpons to allocate additional money for this. And if the budget should remain fixed, well, I’d happily do without the services of whoever the next Alex Cora and Gary Matthews Jr. are, and spend that $4 million instead on players like Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson, Dellin Betances and Andrew Brackman.