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Megdal For GM: Our Time Draws Closer

The Mets can’t possibly ignore us now. The time for change in Flushing has come. With attendance down more than 6,000 per game, and huge majorities in both of my primaries last week calling for a Megdal Administration (more than 73 percent at Mets Police, nearly 88 percent at The Happy Recap), convincing the Wilpons to allow for a team run under the auspices of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION has never been closer to becoming reality.

While my opponents do things like run negative ads, I will continue to put forward what I believe can be the future of the New York Mets. The Mets don’t need to live in a world where future spending is difficult due to unwise long-term contracts. Under my watch, the Mets will not simply solve the very same problems they create. When I take the reigns as General Manager, I will, like Frank Cashen, make certain that both the team and the fan experience is all that we can ask for as Mets fans.

With each primary victory, the Wilpons are closer than ever to making the New York Mets a uniquely-positioned organization: one that is accountable to, and run by, the fans.