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Megdal For GM: Mo Vaughn Monday

With another week gone by, I am humbled to have received an overwhelming mandate from the readers at Andrew Vazzano’s The ‘Ropolitans- nearly 76 percent of you believe I should be the next General Manager of the New York Mets.

If the Wilpons care about making the fans of the New York Mets happy- and I believe, despite all the recent missteps by the team, that they absolutely do- the results of the fan balloting has been unmistakable so far.

Eleven primaries. Eleven victories by Megdal for GM. Nearly all of them by a mandate greater than the one enjoyed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932.

But like any candidate, I need to show the ability to inspire strength and confidence over a wide area in a single primary week. Therefore, this week is called:


Primaries are going on NOW at a wide range of venues.VOTE BY CLICKING ON THESE LINKS!

On The Black

Dana Brand’s blog

My Summer Family

Section 518

Eddie Kranepool Society

Brooklyn Mets Fan

Also, I urge you to check out the video interview I did with On The Black last night, for further details of how I will take the Mets to the glorious heights we all desperately want for the orange and blue.

Our time draws closer with each new victory, each new voice calling for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION.

And I would urge all of you to make your voices heard: visit the Megdal for GM shop, and wear your feelings about who should be the next General Manager of the New York Mets to Citi Field.