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Megdal For GM: Letter to Jeff Wilpon

With the news now widely reported that the Mets will be seeking a new General Manager, I am gratified to know that Jeff Wilpon has received my letter requesting an interview for the position. A high-level member of the Mets organization, who I will only identify as Deep Swoboda, has told me to “consider it received”.

The text of the letter follows. I invite everyone to circulate this letter, and if it is the path you want the Mets to follow, to contact them. We have the power to create change in this organization if we work together for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION.

Howard Megdal

Jeff Wilpon

New York Mets

Citi Field

Flushing, NY 11368

Dear Mr. Wilpon,

As you may know, I have been running to become the next General Manager of the New York Mets since the spring. I have covered the Mets for most of my adult life, having written on baseball for The New York Times, ESPN, SNY, and many other publications.

However, my qualifications for this position, knowledge and energy I would bring to the task, and comprehensive plan for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION date back to my early childhood.

So while many people are calling for drastic and short-sighted changes to your baseball team, or ludicrously blaming you for, let’s face it, spending tons of money and building an incomparable baseball stadium, I have studied the issues at hand for decades, and believe you will embrace my comprehensive solutions. Your fan base already has: in eighteen separate primaries at Mets Web sites around the Internet, I averaged 74 percent in support of my campaign.

In other words, hire me, and it will not only profit the franchise for years to come, it will make you both heroes in the eyes of the fans and my colleagues in the press.

With the opportunity to serve as your General Manager, I will bring about long-term prosperity in your team’s on-field major league success, make the farm system into a breeding ground for both talent and low-cost major league solutions, and most importantly, make Citi Field a place that regularly sells out while turning your casual fans into regular customers.

I have been a fan since the age of six, a season ticket holder since moving to the area in 2006, and will root for the New York Mets long after my tenure as General Manager ends. I am actively raising my five-month-old daughter as a Mets fan of similar intensity—so rest assured, the plan I wish to put into place has nothing to do with my short-term job security as GM, and everything to do with making your primary investment the success you both deserve.

Moreover, I want to watch October baseball with my father, who raised me on Brooklyn Dodgers stories, my wife, who is as dedicated to your franchise as I am by virtue of having to live with me, and my daughter, who should get the chance to regularly experience the joy I felt in 1986, and that my father felt in 1969, and 1955.

I ask that, before you make any decisions about who your next General Manager will be, that you take some time and meet with me. I will happily come to the place of your choosing at your convenience. I am certain that, once I detail for you exactly how to turn the New York Mets into the consistent winner you both deserve and have sought during your tenure in ownership, we will find it mutually beneficial to work together.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. I look forward to hearing from you.


Howard Megdal