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MEGDAL FOR GM: Happy Days Are Here Again

With the announcement by the Mets that Sandy Alderson has been named the new General Manager, we now know for certain that the Wilpons have heeded our call for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION. As someone who writes about the Mets for a living, this development is encouraging for one who wishes to cover many postseason games. As someone who has loved the New York Mets since age six, the idea that I’ll share those postseason memories with my baby daughter, wife, parents and friends excites me beyond description.

Therefore, I am ending my campaign for General Manager of the New York Mets, and enthusiastically endorsing Sandy Alderson. It is a choice that should thrill everyone who bleeds orange and blue, regardless of race, creed, or position on bunting. The sabermetrically-inclined Mets fan and the student of baseball history will love this pick today. The fan who hungers for greater interaction and accountability from the front office will love this pick tomorrow. And it is easy to imagine a day, someday soon, when the results-only fan will celebrate with the rest of us on an October night at Citi Field. It has been Jon Niese since the Mets won a world championship, but tonight, it is easy to imagine a winner before Niese is even arbitration-eligible.

I must thank the thousands of you who voted for me at 18 Mets blogs throughout the blogosphere. It has been more rewarding than you can possibly know that so many of you expressed faith in my vision. Receiving 65 percent of the vote at Amazin’ Avenue, where I have spent years as Poet Laureate, was gratifying, to be sure. To see those vote totals steadily increase as my campaign gained traction was humbling, culminating with 88 percent support at The Happy Recap. I want to thank all of my pledged delegates from those 18 Mets blogs, from Mike Silva to Dana Brand, Toby Hyde to Zoë Rice, Greg Prince to Steve Keane, Dan Szymborski to Anthony DeRosa, Caryn Rose to Kerel Cooper, Adam Salazar to Matthew Artus, Eric Simon to Shannon Shark, Taryn Cooper to JD. And to those who reached out to me personally to support the campaign, to the woman in North Carolina who bought a Megdal for GM bumper sticker, to the man who began a Megdal for GM Facebook group, and so many others, I am honored to have been your vehicle to demand better of the baseball team that binds us.

Together, when we began this campaign back in June, there were those who believed the status quo was sufficient, or that change of the magnitude we envisioned simply wasn’t possible. Tonight, those cynics have been proven wrong. We now know that the arc of Mets history may be long, but it bends towards Alderson. Consider that the Mets have hired a Gemeral Manger who embraced the work of Bill James and mentored Billy Beane. The Mets have hired a man who values process, rejects small sample sizes, and evaluates baseball players and transactions through the long-term goals of the franchises he runs.

The new General Manager has been quoted as saying “I really believe in as much interface with the public as possible.” And oh, by the way? He said it to a blogger, during a comprehensive three-part interview.

And Sandy Alderson, at age 62, has accomplished everything an executive can in Major League Baseball, yet has chosen to accept a position that will require massive amounts of his energy and time.


As a professional observer, I am impressed. As a fan, I am overjoyed. As a man moved to run for the position of General Manager, despite it not being an elected position, the ascension of Sandy Alderson offers all the possibilities our campaign believed in without forcing me to spend long hours with Dayton Moore convincing him to sell low on Alex Gordon.

Most importantly, I want to thank my wife. When this campaign began at the Marriott Marquis on a rainy summer morning, she made certain my Mets lapel pin stayed on straight. When I told her of my plan to give a nomination acceptance speech at Citi Field, her response was to write it on the calendar. Only later did she request that I not get us thrown in jail. She has been a constant support, a sounding board for so many ideas, and the person I sit with at Mets games I cover once the pregame work is finished, and the person I drive home with once the postgame interviews are complete.

I want to thank my father, who gave me the gift of baseball, and my mother, who let me stay up with my father to watch Game 7 of the 1986 World Series. And I want to thank my baby daughter, who turns a lucky seven-months-old tomorrow, the day the Mets introduce Sandy Alderson. Like Alderson, she has a winning track record- the Mets are 2-1 in games she’s attended. I wish nothing but success for them both. Thank you, and may God bless the New York Mets. He’s blessed the Yankees long enough.