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Steve Phillips Update: Let Him Hear Your Voices

Shortly after I reached out to Steve Phillips with an offer to debate the past, present and future of the New York Mets, I received a terse rejection from Phillips.

You have all banded together, however, to let your voices be heard. (You can do so by writing to Steve at AOL Fanhouse here.) Just hours later, I heard from AOL Fanhouse, compelled to respond to your many voices in support of what would be a useful and educational debate.

Your calls for a vital exchange of ideas are working.

It is reminiscent of another time that Steve Phillips refused a once-in-a-generation opportunity at first.

”But I don’t see a fit for us. For me to give up chips to get a player for the rest of this year who duplicates — when healthy — one of our strengths, it really doesn’t make sense to do anything like that.” Steve Phillips on trading for Mike Piazza, New York Times, May 16, 1998

Let your voices rise as one in support of a summit between the past and future of the New York Mets. Reach out to Steve Phillips here. Tell him why you want to see him debate me, why for a man so eager to remind us all that he was once a General Manager that he held six fake news conferences as virtual GMs of other teams, a debate with me would be a natural fit.

”To quiet critics I could go after him and say I’ll deal with it later,” said Phillips, referring to where Piazza would play if Hundley were also healthy. ”I don’t want to do that.” Steve Phillips on trading for Mike Piazza, New York Times, May 20, 1998.

As Steve knows, I’ll debate him any time, any place. The very point he has emphasized in multiple articles- that there is a clear, easily-defined line separating those who were a General Manager from those who want to be General Manager- hangs in the balance.

And this should be a familiar tole for Steve. Don’t forget, he’s such a talented debater that he’s managed to debate himself.

So make your voices heard. Tell Steve Phillips that you want to see the Phillips vs. Megdal debate, the sooner the better. Because if you do, you just might get what you want.

”I’m ecstatic to be able to acquire an offensive force that instantly adds credibility to our lineup,” General Manager Steve Phillips said in announcing the trade yesterday afternoon. Steve Phillips on trading for Mike Piazza, New York Times, May 23, 1998.