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Megdal For GM: Thursday Roundup

With primaries set to begin next week at Amazin’ Avenue and New York Baseball Digest, let’s take a look at where things stand in the people’s campaign to take back the Mets.

Among the prospective delegates, I have earned the support of Metsgrrl, though we disagree about the possibility of signing Pedro Martinez.

Shannon Shark of Mets Police objects to my use of the black Mets shirt, even though A) it was the only one I could find with Pelfrey’s name in my size, and B) black is supposed to be slimming- and the camera adds ten pounds. Hopefully, we can move past this honest disagreement.

My new writing includes a look at Francisco Rodriguez’s 2010, a column about what 2010 could mean to the fans, and an analysis of the 12-player trade between the Astros and Padres back in 1994.

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