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About Howard

Howard Megdal writes about and analyzes the team for, has covered it for The New York Observer, and knows the personnel and players, both on the field and off. He write three columns a week for New York Baseball Digest, four pieces for SB Nation New York, and a poem summarizing every single game for  He also has a wider-range view of the league and a network of contacts, contributes columns to outlets like and The New York Times, and regularly writes for You can follow him on Twitter @howardmegdal.

He has lived and loved the Mets since he was six years old. When he was 13 years old, his school Principal forced Megdal to spend the day in his office, since the school had declared Phillies Hat Day, and he refused to remove his Starter pinstriped Mets cap. Had he agreed to remove the Mets hat, he would have been set free. But that was too high a price to pay.

Since 2005, Megdal and his wife have created an increasingly intricate chart of the organization’s major and minor league players. They currently use a 24X36 mockup of Citi Field mounted on their kitchen wall, with tabs containing each player’s name, position, and a headshot for easy identification.

He also knew the record the Mets posted during every one of his relationships, and notes with pride that the team is 4-0 on his wedding anniversary. The Mets also have a winning record during his daughter’s life.

In short, his entire life is lived through a New York Mets prism.