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For Megdal, LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY AND PASSION are the three pillars will dictate every aspect of his forthcoming term as General Manager of the New York Mets:


“Under my watch, the Mets will employ logic in personnel matters large and small. Players will be drafted, signed or traded for with an eye on more than just tomorrow’s headlines in the New York tabloids, or simply short-term success. After all, long after I complete my tenure as General Manager, I will still be the same season-ticket holder I am now, attending games with my parents, my wife, my daughter, and my friends.

“A sustainable pipeline of players through careful drafting will supplement intelligently-spent money on the very best free agents, and yes, some of those prospects will be traded for in-prime stars. No more spending B+ money on C- free agents, or failing to leverage New York money properly, rather than seeing the generous spending of the Wilpons wasted on overpriced mediocrities.”


“My administration will be one of transparency as well. I will not be perfect; mistakes are a part of a game as complicated as baseball. It is why we love it. But I will not hesitate to acknowledge those mistakes, as Franklin Roosevelt put it, admit them frankly and try another.

“Unlike so many Mets seasons that have been derailed due to an unexpected injury, or a veteran fading at precisely the wrong time, as General Manager I will make certain that every chance taken has a fallback plan as well. And I will tell you precisely why I am doing everything I do, and hold myself accountable to questions about these moves, both from the press, and more importantly, from the fans.”


“I will wake up every day that I am General Manager with one goal in mind: to make the New York Mets, the team so many of us think about every waking moment, the best possible ballclub on and off the field, now and in the future. Under my watch, no Mets employee will have any other mindset than to let every fan know that their passion is our passion. Why should you come to the ballpark, after all, if you believe you care more than the Mets do?”