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Megdal For GM: 6 For 6, Just Like Edgardo Alfonzo

Friday was a humbling day for me. Not only did two more vital parts of the Mets blogosphere provide me with mandates- in the case of Greg Prince’s Faith and Fear in Flushing, 71 percent of the vote, over at Matthew Artus’ Always Amazin’, 70 percent of the vote- but I received the strongest possible endorsement from Greg, one of the most vital voices writing about the Mets today.

Now, Greg compared my victory in an e-mail to me to the kinds enjoyed by Senator Charles Schumer. And while the comparison seems unfair- I don’t look like this at a concert- it does appear the the Mets fans are coalescing around my vision of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION.

That I received my highest vote totals to date during a week when people became more aware of how I intend to run the baseball team we all love is a tribute to the power of a positive vision for the New York Mets. And I am thankful to all of you for your confidence.

May the Mets find their way back into the win column today behind Johan Santana, and I hope to see all of you tomorrow at a brighter day for Citi Field. I mean that metaphorically, of course. Tomorrow, the Mets will be in Arizona.

Megdal For GM: Development Matters (ad)

The Megdal For GM campaign takes a closer look at Jenrry Mejia’s 2010.

Megdal For GM: Lift Every Voice And Vote

The arc of history is long, but it bends toward Megdal For GM. You voted in significant numbers again this past week: and your message was unmistakable. You want me, Howard Megdal, to be the next GM of the New York Mets.

Thanks to the voters at Mets Minor League Blog and Metsgrrl, I have now earned the mandate of four disparate Mets fan groups, along with the sabermetric-intensive voters at Amazin’ Avenue and the passionate fanbase over at New York Baseball Digest.

But our odyssey, that will take the fans from our seats into the front office of the team we all love, has just begun. Voting is now live at’s Always Amazin’ and Faith and Fear in Flushing. Let’s continue the strong momentum our movement has already built. Change is coming to the New York Mets, and all of you are playing a part in making that change a reality.



In addition, let me urge all of you to come out tonight at 7 PM to Amazin’ All Star Monday, where I will be campaigning alongside speakers Marty Noble and Jon Springer. Hope to see you there!

Megdal For GM: Weighing in on Larry, Scouting Trip

This evening, I will be taking in a Brooklyn Cyclones game, to help with the evaluating process of the farm system I hope to take control of following my election. I’ll discuss the future with the top Met prospects in Brooklyn.

As announced earlier this week, Toby Hyde will be my Director of Minor League Operations with the Mets. You can read my Q and A with Toby, and vote for me over at the Megdal For GM primary!

Voting is also continuing over at’s Megdal For GM Primary.

Over at, Mark Simon asked me to discuss how I’d handle the final appearances of Larry Jones and Mariano Rivera at Citi Field. A number of other prominent Mets bloggers also participated- worth a read!

And to hear me speak about the Mets, LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION, head over to Baseball Digest Live at 1:30 PM today.

Democracy In Action: Vote Megdal For GM At,!

Fresh off of a pair of landslide victories at Amazin’ Avenue (65 percent of the vote!) and New York Baseball Digest (68 percent of the vote!), voting has now begun at the thoughtful fan site and the system-intensive

In addition, I am happy to announce that Toby Hyde of has accepted my offer to become Director of Minor League Operations when I am elected next General Manager of the Mets. Hyde, who has tons of experience working on both the administrative and communications side of minor league baseball, has been an outstanding voice of reason concerning the New York Mets system for many years. He is currently the editor of, and the voice of the Savannah Sand Gnats.

I urge you to take a moment to make your voice heard in each of these primaries. As usual, the forces of the status quo want to keep us from voicing our belief that there is a better way forward for the New York Mets, one based on LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION.

Don’t let them stop us. We’ve come too far to let pessimism rule the day. Let’s take back the New York Mets. When my daughter cries, it shouldn’t be over baseball. Let her crying be over bedtime, or not being allowed to ride a motorcycle.



Here are a few initial questions from a Q and A I’ll be doing with Toby at his site all week.

TOBY HYDE: Howard, why are you running to be the Mets’ next General Manager?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I am running to be the next General Manager because I believe the Mets can be run using the three pillars of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION. Logic will mean making plans that makes sense at Points C, D and E, not simply at Point A (see Mejia, Jenrry). Transparency means that you’ll know why I made these moves every step of the way- I will be consistently available to both the media, and more importantly, to the fans. And Passion comes from my having lived and died with this team since age six, obsessing over moves both large and small, major and minor, baseball-related and those affecting the fans. None of them will be overlooked on my watch.

TH: Do you realize that the Mets aren’t hiring a GM right now? In fact, if the playoffs started today, the Mets would be the wild card?

HM: Ultimately, it will be up to the Mets, and the fans, to determine if they want to change course, now or ever. In my time covering the Mets, and in my time loving the team, there have been so many ups and downs, easily-preventable baseball travesties and unexpected joys. In other words, luck has played almost the entirety of the role in success and failure. And since, as Branch Rickey put it, “Luck is the residue of design”, that’s meant two world championships since 1962, despite all the advantages cited above. We can do better.

TH: If you were the GM of the Mets, what would change in the farm system?

HM: Well, as you know, Toby Hyde has accepted a position as my Director of Minor League Operations. So I’d obviously consult with you on a range of matters. But I can start with one I know we already agree on. IT IS TIME FOR THE METS TO CONSISTENTLY DRAFT ABOVE SLOT. There is no greater way for the New York Mets to leverage their market advantage than by adding high-upside players to the farm system by drafting them in later rounds and convincing them to sign. I’d do my best to get the Wilpons to allocate additional money for this. And if the budget should remain fixed, well, I’d happily do without the services of whoever the next Alex Cora and Gary Matthews Jr. are, and spend that $4 million instead on players like Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson, Dellin Betances and Andrew Brackman.

The People Have Begun To Speak: Megdal For GM

The first two primary votes are now complete. And despite competing simultaneously at both New York Baseball Digest and Amazin’ Avenue, a pair of sites often diametrically opposed in viewpoints, I am humbled to have received a strong mandate from both sets of readers.

Over at Amazin’ Avenue, with immense interest and participation, I have captured 65 percent of the vote. At New York Baseball Digest, the mandate is even more overwhelming: a whopping 68 percent of the vote.

To put this in perspective, let’s look at some of the biggest landslides in political history:

Candidate Vote %
Ronald Reagan, 1984 58.8
Richard Nixon, 1972 60.7
Franklin Roosevelt, 1936 60.8
Lyndon Johnson, 1964 61.1
Howard Megdal, AA 65
Howard Megdal, NYBD 68

You have voted for me because you want LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION on behalf of the New York Mets every single day. Facing opposition to my candidacy by those who would promote the status quo, or people who just seem to like opposing things, we have banded together to win the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary of my run for General Manager.

As we prepare to celebrate July 4, I welcome all of you, whether you have supported my candidacy or not. I intend to be the General Manager for all Mets fans, to be certain that everyone who lives and dies with the Orange and Blue has reason to celebrate, and not just on holidays or during particularly cool giveaway days.

But my work to earn the mandate of Mets fans across the world has just begun. On Monday, my next set of primaries begin, at and I welcome the input of the literary fan one finds at Metsgrrl, thanks to the writing talent of Caryn Rose, and the system-intensive observer who reads Toby Hyde’s remarkable work.

Until then, I intend to savor my victories with my wife, my daughter, and some delivery Chinese food that just arrived. Thank you for your support, and may your holiday weekend include witnessing a severe offensive beatdown of Stephen Strasburg.

Megdal For GM: Better Seats? Lower Prices?

If you’ve been watching Mets games regularly lately, you’ve been bombarded by a commercial that urges you to buy Mets tickets “directly from the source”, touting “better seats” and “lower prices”. It certainly seems fair to infer from this new campaign that many fans are skipping the Mets entirely and simply buying tickets from the resale market.

While some may say that is exactly what the Mets and other MLB teams deserve for turning from competitor into licensed scalper, that obscures the larger problem here: the only reason Mets fans choose Stubhub over is the ability to choose where to sit!

Ask a baseball fan about attending a baseball game, and the answer will usually include a place in the ballpark he or she likes to sit. For me, that is between home plate and first base. Others prefer between home and third, or a specific section, or out in the outfield, etc.

Now, go to and try to get tickets to a particular game in that area. No luck, right? Because on, your only choice is to pick a price level.

Nobody says, “I enjoy watching a baseball game from $64 seats.”

So instead of the opportunity to pick your section, your exact row (and if you think that isn’t important, you’ve never been to a game with a pregnant woman in row 15 of the Promenade), even if you want an aisle seat.

At, you get an arbitrarily-chosen “best available seat” for a particular price range. And if that range is taken, the program automatically takes you to the “best available seats” in the entire ballpark, which usually means seats that cost well over $100 per ticket. Thanks,!

So why does have this technology, and doesn’t?

Incidentally, if you think this is somehow unique to Stubhub… it isn’t.

If you go over to and buy tickets, you can click on any section in the stadium. If tickets are available there, you can purchase them. If not, tickets are provided that are closest to them.

And businesses far less profitable than the New York Mets offer this convenience as well. When I purchased tickets for an upcoming Boston Symphony Orchestra concert at Tanglewood, I was able to select the exact seat location I wanted. The same this was true at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, a summer stock company.

Why is it that the Mets can’t compete with the ticket convenience of its own ticket broker? Or a division rival? Or summer stock?

When I am elected the next General Manager of the Mets, a complete overhaul of the way fans are able to buy tickets will take place immediately. This is best for the fans, who can buy tickets without a markup, and best for the Mets, who will sell many more of their own tickets.

And to be sure, when someone suggests taking up valuable advertising time during Mets games trying to convince fans not to pay a premium no one wants to pay for tickets, I’ll make a simple suggestion:

Let’s make buying tickets a less frustrating experience for fans. LOGIC means that it is time for the 2010 Mets to sell tickets using 2010 technology.

First Two Primaries Begin MONDAY, JUNE 28- VOTE NOW!

I have been privileged enough to be a candidate for General Manager of the New York Mets for nearly ten days now. And over this period of time, I’ve had so many conversations with you, the newly-empowered voters. We’ve discussed Lee Mazzilli and Jenrry Mejia, Mookie Wilson and Mo Vaughn, Pedro Martinez and Pete Falcone. (Okay, no one brought up Pete Falcone, but that’s probably for the best.)

Finally, starting on Monday, June 28, and extending through 5:00 PM Friday night, July 2, you will have the chance to cast a vote for bringing Logic, Transparency and Passion to the New York Mets.



Go to Amazin’ Avenue and New York Baseball Digest all week and cast your votes on behalf of a leader who believes in bobbleheads and Banner Day, who believes in drafting hard-to-sign prospects in the later rounds of the draft (and signing them), who believes that top prospects are valuable, but should sometimes be traded- only for in-prime stars.

The vote is so close, we can almost taste it. It’s like being next in line at El Verano Taqueria. Do you get the savory pork, spicy chicken or classic steak?

Get the combo. Vote Howard Megdal for GM, starting Monday, and taste it all.

Megdal For GM: Takin’ It To The Streets

And by takin’ it to the streets, I mean, naturally, to the airwaves. Here’s where you can hear more about our democratic takeover of the Orange and Blue:

On Sunday night at 6 PM EST, I’ll be on The Happy Recap, discussing Mets baseball with three of the finest Mets fans about what the best path forward is for our favorite team.

Later Sunday night, I’ll join Mike Silva for my regular spot on NY Baseball Digest’s radio program.

And on Monday night at 10 PM, I’ll join Mike Lynch of for The Seamheads Radio Hour. A big thrill; I open for Rob Neyer. I will be wearing my flannel shirt in tribute, no matter how hot it is.

Megdal For GM: Thursday Roundup

With primaries set to begin next week at Amazin’ Avenue and New York Baseball Digest, let’s take a look at where things stand in the people’s campaign to take back the Mets.

Among the prospective delegates, I have earned the support of Metsgrrl, though we disagree about the possibility of signing Pedro Martinez.

Shannon Shark of Mets Police objects to my use of the black Mets shirt, even though A) it was the only one I could find with Pelfrey’s name in my size, and B) black is supposed to be slimming- and the camera adds ten pounds. Hopefully, we can move past this honest disagreement.

My new writing includes a look at Francisco Rodriguez’s 2010, a column about what 2010 could mean to the fans, and an analysis of the 12-player trade between the Astros and Padres back in 1994.

Have you visited the Megdal For GM store yet? Get a t-shirt for the dog, a onesie for the baby, and a mug for the coffee, because otherwise, you’ll spill coffee all over your naked dog and baby.

And don’t forget to join the Megdal for GM Facebook Group, one of the fastest-growing non-Betty-White-based Facebook groups around!