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Megdal for GM: Tuesday Roundup

Howard Megdal talks with Zoë Rice of Pick Me Up Some Mets.

Lots to talk about, with the Mets set to take on the Tigers this evening.

Response has been strong to the first Megdal for GM ad. David Pinto wants me to run for GM of the Orioles. Steve Keane at The Eddie Kranepool Society approves of this message. Lost in St. Louis credits me with gumption. And Josh Alper of NBC New York discusses my candidacy in terms of the future direction of the Mets.

Meanwhile, I weigh in on sending Jenrry Mejia to the minor leagues and the possible price tag the Mets should be willing to pay for Pedro Martinez.

And don’t forget to show your support for my candidacy by purchasing a Megdal for GM t-shirt, mug, dog t-shirt or other item!

Megdal For GM Ad: Beyond Belief

The incomparable filmmaker Lauren Krueger and top-shelf musician Akie Bermiss have lent their creative voices to my campaign for Logic, Transparency and Passion. Here is the first result, the ad Beyond Belief.

Steve Phillips Update: Let Him Hear Your Voices

Shortly after I reached out to Steve Phillips with an offer to debate the past, present and future of the New York Mets, I received a terse rejection from Phillips.

You have all banded together, however, to let your voices be heard. (You can do so by writing to Steve at AOL Fanhouse here.) Just hours later, I heard from AOL Fanhouse, compelled to respond to your many voices in support of what would be a useful and educational debate.

Your calls for a vital exchange of ideas are working.

It is reminiscent of another time that Steve Phillips refused a once-in-a-generation opportunity at first.

”But I don’t see a fit for us. For me to give up chips to get a player for the rest of this year who duplicates — when healthy — one of our strengths, it really doesn’t make sense to do anything like that.” Steve Phillips on trading for Mike Piazza, New York Times, May 16, 1998

Let your voices rise as one in support of a summit between the past and future of the New York Mets. Reach out to Steve Phillips here. Tell him why you want to see him debate me, why for a man so eager to remind us all that he was once a General Manager that he held six fake news conferences as virtual GMs of other teams, a debate with me would be a natural fit.

”To quiet critics I could go after him and say I’ll deal with it later,” said Phillips, referring to where Piazza would play if Hundley were also healthy. ”I don’t want to do that.” Steve Phillips on trading for Mike Piazza, New York Times, May 20, 1998.

As Steve knows, I’ll debate him any time, any place. The very point he has emphasized in multiple articles- that there is a clear, easily-defined line separating those who were a General Manager from those who want to be General Manager- hangs in the balance.

And this should be a familiar tole for Steve. Don’t forget, he’s such a talented debater that he’s managed to debate himself.

So make your voices heard. Tell Steve Phillips that you want to see the Phillips vs. Megdal debate, the sooner the better. Because if you do, you just might get what you want.

”I’m ecstatic to be able to acquire an offensive force that instantly adds credibility to our lineup,” General Manager Steve Phillips said in announcing the trade yesterday afternoon. Steve Phillips on trading for Mike Piazza, New York Times, May 23, 1998.

An Open Invitation to Debate: Steve Phillips

(My friends, I just sent this letter to Steve Phillips. If you’d like to see me debate Steve Phillips, you can urge him to accept my offer here.)

Dear Steve,

My name is Howard Megdal. As you have probably heard, I am running for General Manager of the New York Mets. (For more details, visit As someone who has followed your career with great interest, I have noticed that in recent weeks you have taken great pains to explain what you, a former General Manager, would do in terms of running a baseball team. For instance, on Monday, you wrote a piece entitled, “Here’s How a GM Sizes Up Trade Market”.

But even clearer is how sure you are that while many people (for example, me) want to be General Manager of a baseball team, you also wrote, (caps yours) “NOBODY UNDERSTANDS WHAT THE GENERAL MANAGER’S JOB REALLY ENTAILS!”

In order to better understand any gap that exists between my plans once I am elected and your experience as actual GM of the New York Mets, I propose that we have a friendly debate over my candidacy for General Manager, your experience as General Manager, and the future direction of the New York Mets. Matthew Artus of has graciously agreed to moderate, and we would be open to a debate either online or in-person.

Please let me know if this would be amenable to you. As an aspiring GM, I think this would be immensely valuable, and could go a long way toward reminding fans (and potential front offices) of your decisions while running the New York Mets. I look forward to hearing from you.


Howard Megdal

Megdal For GM Thursday Roundup: Kevin Burkhardt, Zoë Rice, Pedro

An interesting day in Metsland, with the tremendous Kevin Burkhardt drawing a line in the sand on Carlos Beltran updates. He could neither confirm nor deny that Beltran was eating Tacos in a Helmet at full speed, and if Kevin doesn’t know, nobody knows.

I picked up the support of the blog Lost in St. Louis. Thanks for the support! And Pick Me Up Some Mets, run by the incomparable Zoë Rice, has some pictures of me as a candidate in action.

A psrt one  of a two-part interview with me can be found at Mets Guide. Terrific questions!

And here I advocate that the Mets sign Pedro Martinez.

Not the Right Time to Extend Barajas

Why I would wait and see on a contract extension for Rod Barajas, even though Rod is one of my favorites (both on the field and with a quote).

Writing on Cliff Lee and Jonathon Niese

If I were the GM of the Mets, I wouldn’t trade Jonathon Niese in a deal for Cliff Lee. Details as to why are available here, in my latest piece for New York Baseball Digest.

Megdal For GM: The Listening Tour

Good morning, my fellow baseball fans.

I am proud to announce that beginning today, June 15, I will conduct a Megdal For GM Listening Tour, hosted at Baseball Think Factory. Over the next ten days, I will answer any and all questions about my candidacy for General Manager of the New York Mets, my vision for our favorite team going forward, and why you should help to elect me to this critical position.

I urge you to come participate in the discussion, moderated by the great Dan Szymborski, Editor-in-Chief of Baseball Think Factory and baseball contributor to ESPN Insider. After all, since I will be the elected representative of the fans, I feel it is vital that I know, in specific, what your hopes and dreams are for the Blue and Orange.

Announcement Speech Roundup

Good morning, my fellow Mets fans.

Here are some initial reactions:

I am proud to have the endorsement of JD from Section 518. Same goes for Steve Keane from The Eddie Kranepool Society and Profe Ottwell from Lost in St. Louis.

Ted Berg endorses my agenda, but notes the timing of my announcement, given that the Mets have won 8 of 9. Of course, my vision for the New York Mets goes well beyond the past nine games or the next nine games. It is about a consistent future for the team my daughter will grow up watching.

Will Leitch calls me a “Mets gadfly and poet”, which seems inaccurate, since I don’t consider myself to be much of a poet.

The Megdal For GM store is open for business! Show your Megdal For GM Support in a variety of ways, such as t-shirt, mug or onesie (for babies, no adult onesies at this time).

Later today, I’ll have details of my Listening Tour, along with some thoughts on Cliff Lee.

My Announcement Speech

My Announcement Speech, Part 1 of 4

My Announcement Speech, Part 2 of 4

My Announcement Speech, Part 3 of 4

My Announcement Speech, Part 4 of 4