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MEGDAL FOR GM: Happy Days Are Here Again

With the announcement by the Mets that Sandy Alderson has been named the new General Manager, we now know for certain that the Wilpons have heeded our call for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION. As someone who writes about the Mets for a living, this development is encouraging for one who wishes to cover many postseason [...]

MEGDAL FOR GM: Mets Granted Permission to Speak with Me

Following an intense two-hour negotiating session, the New York Mets were granted permission to speak to me about their now vacant General Manager position by my wife.
In exchange for receiving permission to seek the grueling job directing baseball operations, I have agreed to go apple picking on Sunday.
The choice was not an easy one. Despite [...]

Megdal For GM: Letter to Jeff Wilpon

With the news now widely reported that the Mets will be seeking a new General Manager, I am gratified to know that Jeff Wilpon has received my letter requesting an interview for the position. A high-level member of the Mets organization, who I will only identify as Deep Swoboda, has told me to “consider it [...]

UPDATED Megdal For GM: Acceptance Speech Sunday Afternoon!

After receiving thousands of votes over the course of 18 grueling primaries at blogs dedicated to the Mets around the Internet, Howard Megdal will graciously accept the nomination of New York Mets fans to [...]

18 Primaries, 18 Constituencies, One Voice

Mo Vaughn Monday was unanimous. Six primaries, six victories, all with at least 71 percent of the vote. Yesterday, Baseball Think Factory, a national primary, voted overwhelmingly for LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION as well.
Mets fans the nation over want Howard Megdal to be the next General Manager of the New York Mets.
I am so grateful [...]

Megdal For GM: Mo Vaughn Monday

With another week gone by, I am humbled to have received an overwhelming mandate from the readers at Andrew Vazzano’s The ‘Ropolitans- nearly 76 percent of you believe I should be the next General Manager of the New York Mets.
If the Wilpons care about making the fans of the New York Mets happy- and I [...]

Megdal For GM: Our Time Draws Closer

The Mets can’t possibly ignore us now. The time for change in Flushing has come. With attendance down more than 6,000 per game, and huge majorities in both of my primaries last week calling for a Megdal Administration (more than 73 percent at Mets Police, nearly 88 percent at The Happy Recap), convincing the Wilpons [...]

Megdal For GM: The Next Chapter

Well, it is clearer than ever that Mets fans are speaking with one voice: it is time to elect me the next General Manager of the New York Mets. Over at Pick Me Up Some Mets, I received 86 percent of the vote. That is at the level of a Democrat in Washington D.C., though [...]

Megdal For GM: The Groundswell Grows, The Need Intensifies, Vote Now!

I am gratified to have received an astounding 67 percent of the vote from the good readers at Hotfoot Blog. With seven victories in seven primaries, I believe my message of LOGIC, TRANSPARENCY and PASSION is resonating like never before.
I urge all of you to continue our momentum as the Wilpons are clearly weighing the [...]

Megdal For GM: 6 For 6, Just Like Edgardo Alfonzo

Friday was a humbling day for me. Not only did two more vital parts of the Mets blogosphere provide me with mandates- in the case of Greg Prince’s Faith and Fear in Flushing, 71 percent of the vote, over at Matthew Artus’ Always Amazin’, 70 percent of the vote- but I received the strongest possible [...]